Design Works Starter

Web hosting for small websites or beginners. Perfect if you're starting out or creating a simple website.

£69 /year or £5.99/month
including VAT

Design Works Business

Feature-rich web hosting with plenty of room for your website to grow. Ideal for running a typical website.

£139 /year or £11.99/month
including VAT

Linux Web Hosting

Cloud hosting platform Yes Yes
SSL Included Yes Yes
Web Space 500MB Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth 10,000MB Unlimited
Set-up fee Free Free
MySQL Databases 1 Unlimited

Email Features

400MB Mail Boxes
5 10,000
Webmail Yes Yes
Autoresponders 5 10,000
Mailing Lists 5 10,000
Email Forwarders 10 Unlimited
Catch All Email 10 Unlimited
Junk Mail Filters Unlimited Unlimited
Email Summary Unlimited Unlimited
Email Filter Logs Unlimited Unlimited

Website Statistics

Google Sitemaps Generator Yes Yes
Webalizer Graphical Statistics Yes Yes
AWStats Graphical Statistics Yes Yes
Advanced Visitor Counters Yes Yes
Bandwidth Statistics Yes Yes

Access Features

Master FTP Account Yes Yes
Additional FTP Logins No Yes

Database Features

MySQL Database 1 Unlimited
MySQL Web Interface Yes Yes

Advanced Features

eXtend Control Panel 2.0 Yes Yes
Smartphone Control Panel Yes Yes
Sub Domains Yes 10,000
Website Redirect Yes Yes
Scheduled Tasks Yes Yes

Programming Features

PHP4 Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
PHP7 Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ghostscript Yes Yes
Zend Optimizer Yes Yes
GD Yes Yes