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  • How much does a website cost? +

    Somewhere between £300 and £3000. Ish. Each website is different and it will depend if you need hosting, email marketing setup, eCommerce, membership management, stock photographs and so on. As a rule of thumb, budget around £150 plus £50 per page.
  • What is website hosting? +

    Each website you visit on the internet has to be stored somewhere on a web server. This is known as the host. We can provide hosting also for around £45 per year. This includes unlimited email addresses.
  • What payments methods do we accept? +

    Bank transfer or cheque for most website payments. PayPal is preferred to set up recurring support payments.
  • How many email addresses can I have? +

    This depends on your hosting provider. If you take hosting with us there is no limit to the number of email addresses you can have!
  • What support options are available? +

    Free support is offered with all websites we provide. This is someone available at the end of a phone or email address. Any changes will be chargeable. Basic and Standard support include daily backups and free site edits with standard support.
  • What is content management? +

    A content management system provides an easy way to update your website.
  • Who are our partners? +

    We use various commercial datacenters and asset providers. This enables us to get the best price at all times.
  • What languages do we offer support in? +

  • What job opportunities are available? +

    Freelance web developers are occasionally required to help out with developing shopping cart solutions and booking solutions. Please send your c.v. if you wish to be kept on record.
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